The TSM Difference

This is what most Social Media Providers do:

They sign your business up for Social Media Services as a stand-alone or add-on/upgrade service- like adding it to a web design or SEO package.

Then they go to a Social Media "re-seller" and pay a flat rate for the re-seller to contract out your work. This re-seller will place a "Help Wanted" ad on Craigslist or some other free online job posting.

The Social Media Re-Seller will then "hire" any unemployed person who can meet at their local Starbucks. This person, with no experience, will be given a few hours of online "training" to become  a "social media manager."

The Social Media Manager will then manage your social media accounts. The majority of their work consists of scheduling and automating generic posts, comments, and other superficial interactions. They will "like" and comment on related pages and accounts with generic responses like " Good post. Thanks."

Their "Social Media Manager" will often manage a few dozen or more clients with little individualized attention. Because they cannot possibly handle so many clients, they will sub-contract most of their work-load to low-skilled online workers who are paid $1-2 per hour.

This is what you get for several hundred dollars ( or more) per month: Low-skilled Third World labor at Professional First World prices.

You are paying several hundred dollars per month for 3-4 or more middle-men to divvy up, before handing you off to an unskilled sub-contractor. And the quality of work is sub-par. I have seen these social media "specialists" and "optimizers" in action.  They do little more than copy and paste generic comments into automated software. They make little to no effort to provide social interaction that grows your business. While the slick salesman sells you on the benefits of social media, their actual work is very generic in nature and neglects most benefits.

We Never Do What THEY DO- The TSM Advantage:

Professional custom HUMAN social interaction management. Our goal is to serve as your professional stand-in while managing your social media campaigns. We aim to interact with your existing client base while growing your audience with genuine natural human social outreach on behalf of your business.

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