Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Full Service Social Media Packages for Resellers

Our Friends at BELIEVE Social have put together Full Service Social Media Packages for Resellers. These social media management services are made for agencies (digital marketing, SEO, Web Design, Hosting, general business marketing, etc) who have clients who need social media marketing but do not provide it in-house. These are not budget services for low-level bloggers or small-time affiliate marketers. These are meant to be Full Service Social Media options for clients with "real" businesses or brands who care about their online reputation and expect to have social media managers with a hands-on approach, while saving money by not needing to hire or train in-house social media employees or contract with expensive agencies. With Full Service Social Media Packages for Resellers clients can expect regular social media posting, as well as constant monitoring and aggressive growth of regular followers:


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